About Us

Professional Devlopment

3i Education Professional Development is about more than just having technology and digital content in the classroom. It’s more than just training teachers. It’s about instructors maximizing the innovative tools that facilitate learning. It’s about empowering teachers to integrate technology effectively into classroom instruction. Ultimately, it’s about engaging students to reach their highest potential.

Designed by some of the leading thinkers in education today, our professional development philosophy starts with the idea that your teachers are your single greatest resource. More than any new technology, they can deliver appreciable results when you provide them with the highest quality professional development.

3i’s job-embedded approach means that our professional development leaders work with your instructors in an ongoing, sustained partnership.

3i Education Professional Development delivers measurable, proven, research-based results that maximize your investment in both your teachers and your technology. In the end, it’s about teacher effectiveness, student engagement, and a life long passion for learning. Your school district. Our professional development. Together, we can take student achievement to a whole new level.