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Prior Knowledge,Engage, Circles and Its Related Terms: A Review, Angle Subtended by a Chord at the Centre, Perpendicular from the Centre to a Chord, Circle through Three Points, Equal Chords and Their Distances from the Centre, Angle Subtended by an Arc of a Circle, Cyclic Quadrilaterals, Critical Mistakes, Keywords,Summary
Lesson Plan     Grade :Subject: Maths

linear equation in two variables

Explore Concept Map
Concept Map     Grade :Subject: Maths

The Fundamental Unit of Life

Explore Objectives, Concept Map, Introduction, Discovery of Cell, Microscope, Cell, Structural Organisation of a Cell, Cell Wall And Cell Membrane, Diffusion, Osmosis , Cytoplasm and Cell Organelles, Double-Membranous Organelles, Real Life Applications, S.T.E.M., Common Misconceptions, Summary,Keywords
Lesson Plan     Grade :Subject: Science

Work and Energy

Explore Concept Map
Concept Map     Grade :Subject: Science

Straight Lines

Explore Prior Knowledge, Engage,Slope of a line,Various Form of the Equation of Line,Distance of a point from a line,Points to Notes,Keywords,Summary
Lesson Plan     Grade :11  Subject: Maths

Continuity and Differentiability

Explore Prior Knowledge,Engage,Continuity,Differentiability,Derivatives of Implicit Functions,Derivatives of Inverse Trigonometric Functions,Exponential and Logarithmic Functions,Logarithmic Differentiation,Derivatives of Functions in Parametric Forms,Second Order Derivative,Mean Value Theorem,Point to Note,Keywords, Summary
Lesson Plan     Grade :11  Subject: Maths


Explore Objectives ,Introduction,Equilibrium in Physical Processes,Equilibrium in Chemical Processes,Law of Chemical Equilibrium and Equilibrium Constant,Homogeneous Equilibrium,Heterogeneous Equilibrium,Applications of Equilibrium Constants,Relationship between K, Q and G,Factors Affecting Equilibria,Ionic Equilibrium,Acids, ,Bases and Salts ,Ionization of Acids and Bases,Hydrolysis of Salts ,Buffer Solutions ,Solubility,Real-Life Applications,Common Misconceptions,Summary,Keywords
Lesson Plan     Grade :12  Subject: Chemistry

The Solid State

Explore Objectives, Introduction,General Characteristics of Solid State,Amorphous and Crystalline Solids,Classification of Crystalline Solids,Crystal Lattices and Unit Cells,Number of Atoms in a Unit Cell,Close Packed Structures,Packing Efficiency,Calculations Involving Unit Cell Dimensions,Imperfections in Solids,Electrical Properties,Magnetic Properties,Real-Life Applications,Common Misconceptions,Summary,Keywords
Lesson Plan     Grade :12  Subject: Chemistry